Friday, September 28, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #142

Home Spun comic strip #142

There is an episode of I Love Lucy that I always think of when my children do this. Growing up with a Spanish speaking father and a native New Yorker mother, I could always identify with Lucy and Desi's sitcom. Except my mother wasn't as zany. I'll do this from memory so feel free to let me know if I got any detail wrong. Lucy is under arrest in France, I think for inadvertently passing a counterfeit bill. She's trying to explain what happened, but no one at the station speaks English. Ricky comes in and they find there is one drunk man in lock up that speaks Spanish and German, and one French officer speaks German. So they line up with Lucy speaking English to Ricky, Ricky translates to Spanish for the drunk, he speaks in German for the officer, and the officer translates into French for his captain.

I find it amusing that if my children can't figure out a word in Latin, they can usually get it if I tell them the word in Spanish. If I can get one or two more languages in there we can have our own translation line.


B&B said...

I loved that show! Do you ever get the urge to encourage a skit out of your kids? It could be so cute!

TobyBo said...

LOL, I don't remember that episode but this sort of translation goes on around here a lot. :)

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