Friday, October 12, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #148

Home Spun comic strip #148

I have completely forgotten the words to Dinosaur Roar!

The very first storytime the children did, Chase begged to read a story. He was five. I was doubtful. He was barely reading, and I hardly heard him speak above a mumble. He was insistent. I discussed it with my daughter and her two friends, who had practiced hard for this first ever story time. We decided to let the girls read one book each, then let my son read before they did their second selection.

Each girl quietly read their first book. I stood at the edge of the circle and mouthed the word "Louder!" but their nerves had the best of them. Then Chase took the storytelling seat. From his first ROAR! something incredible happened. The children relaxed and started to enjoy themselves. All the girls raised their voices for their second books. They all found their Inner Dinosaur.


call*me*kate said...

Story time - what a great thing! My kids sometimes spend the whole day, telling and making up stories. They would be naturals at a group like this, provided they didn't suddenly turn shy. But they'd get over that, I'm sure.

I got a catalog last week with a girl's face on the cover that looked familiar. I just discovered it's your oldest daughter's face that I recognize! The catalog is MindWare and while I think your daughter is prettier, there's something about this girl's face that reminds me of your daughter. Amazing how blogging influences our daily lives!

Enjoy your weekend!

B&B said...


Lol, it took me working as a floorguard at my parents roller skating rink to find MY inner dinosaur! (and I haven't been quiet since! Roflol!!)

I'm still waiting for these to be published so I can make Mother's day presents of them! :)

Have an awesome week!

Inner Elder said...

I have had the joy of experiencing this group in person. Developing poise, presence and a love for reading while having fun too! Thanks for reminding me of 5 year old Chase. I love the way you put it - "inner dinosaur". Love, Grandma

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