Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #152 (gasp! huff! wheeze!)

Home Spun comic strip #152


appleleaf said...

We've also purchased a few things by saving coupons that we didn't really need but they've all been good. China, saucepan sets, glasses. Comes in handy as presents sometimes.
I laughed when I read your last comment! It was good to see a few of your older strips and it's true what you said recently about blogging. Helps keep our brains oiled for the other things we like to do.
Sorry to hear you had a migraine and hope it's better now.

TobyBo said...

hi there.

thanks for your recommendations on the Star Trek movies. Tonight we finished the season 2 shows. Maybe we will continue with some more but probably not for awhile. I think I will be making Mr Music a uniform for Christmas, though. :)

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