Monday, October 1, 2007

Promised Pictures

Here are pictures from my cousin's wedding. As you can see, we enjoy dancing...

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Let me just say that pantyhose are the cruellest invention forced on women. If anyone knows a brand that's comfortable and stays up, even when your youngest is climbing all over you, I would be grateful for the heads up.

The food was good. At the end of the evening, about 8 dessert carts were wheeled in for the Viennese hour. So much choice is overwhelming for me. I opted for a slice of incredibly chocolate cake and I tried the tiramisu, but it wasn't to my taste (what can I say? I'm finicky).

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And the happy couple, my cousin A. and her new husband, B. in front of the Thatched Cottage reception hall. May they have a long and happy life together!

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TobyBo said...

thanks for sharing the photos!

I believe I'd like a slice of that cake, too. :)

and, panty hose. Since Miss Dance took up dance, I have been wearing dance tights except for the dressiest occasions where I need sheer. They work for me. (I am dresses only just by preference so I give them a workout in cool weather.)

Kathy said...

The orange mousse was great - and Chase's whipped cream dessert looked good, too.
Aunt Kathy

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