Friday, November 16, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #163

Home Spun comic strip #163

Based on a true story. Our cat Dusty is really good at playing suspenseful music on the keyboard. When someone (Cough, cough *kids* cough) forgets to turn off the keyboard after practicing, we are usually treated to this wonderful scary music to accompany us down the dark hall into the living room. I always thought there should be a soundtrack for our life, especially at night!


TobyBo said...



I once had a dream of a burglar breaking in and playing the piano. He also made himself a cup of coffee. Crooks in my dreams are dumb.

appleleaf said...

Sounds like great music. Might be worth listening carefully to compose some of it for freaky soundtracks.
Thanks for that link to lostleaves. I'll try it and I reckon if they don't come up with anything, we'll have done all we can to try to trace that book. Just shows that shelf lives from one print run are really fairly limited.

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