Sunday, November 18, 2007

Silent Kimbly

I had the pleasure of getting an email yesterday from a fellow webcartoonist. His comic strip is called Silent Kimbly. If you are a pun fan, (and who isn't?) go check out his work. Here is the description from his site:

Welcome to the fun and creative world of Silent Kimbly. A place where visual puns and cute wordplay literally come to life. Follow Kimbly , a spunky space girl, her pet “Binx”, & her adorably fuzzy friend “Tenderness” as they find the joy in everyday.
I love word play and this is so much better drawn than some newspaper strips. It's also very kid friendly and the idea of finding the joy in everyday follows my own philosophy. I will add a link in the Links for Laughs and Learning on the sidebar.


TobyBo said...

off to have a look. :)

sorry to hear your Thanksgiving invitation got lost in the mail. Hope your balloon workshop goes well & we will have to get together another time. Miss Language has done some basic balloons and I'm sure she would have signed up for the workshop if her invitation had not also been lost in the mail.

ComfyDenim said...

I checked him out and got quite the giggle out of the puns. I like puns..they tend to be a higher form of humor. *LOL* Thanks for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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