Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's my Birthday!

39 and still going strong...

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With an occasional break...

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Inner Elder said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! You were an early Christmas present in 1968, the best Christmas gift I ever got!
See you later!

Love, Mom

B&B said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day has been perfect because you deserve it!

Love ya!

P.S. You are all SOOOOO CUTE!!
Love the pics!

Maryellen said...

Happy Birthday! 39, huh? Wow I can't even remember when I was 39, it was so long ago. (by counting on my fingers I figured out that was 40 years ago! - No- that can't be right)

You've had a very interesting life and I like your blog. It's refreshing. You have wonderful common sense.

ComfyDenim said...

Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!

We hope your birthday ROCKS!!!

B&B said...

Don't forget to come back and share all the details!!
Inquiring minds want to hear more!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Happy birthday Cristina!!!!
I love the photo...new circus trick in the making??? You don't look a day over what you feel!!

Love, hugs, and a cyber lemon meringue pie that never runs out!
Jenny, your Aussie pal

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