Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #186

Home Spun comic strip #186


divinagrace said...

Thanks for sharing your January 5 post. I do feel blessed to have chosen to homeschool. Our children are precious and I do want to spend that time with them.

Your strips are FUN and funny. Thanks for writing them.

Spinneretta said...

Too funny! My son thinks it's terrible you can't eat or drink things while working in school ;)

rissa said...

I think school kids should be allowed to have a water bottle to drink out of during class. I've know a ton a school kids who were always dehydrated in the afternoon and evening because they couldn't drink enough water during the day.

B&B said...

My spouse and I just had one of those experiences today at a restaurant. We stopped to eat after his tests and were playing battleship on our DS Lite's while we waited for our food.

The 11yo boy who was sitting behind us was watching us play and so a conversation was started when I offered to let the boy play with my DS.

When he heard our son his age was unschooled the questions started to fly. I realized that in explaining how we educate our son the mother felt the need to defend her choice of private school saying it was much preferable to public school and they DO have thier children in drama and they get to build the sets.

I wish people didn't feel like it was some form of competition. It's what works for each individual child! All three of mine have been educated differantly per their individual needs.

OK. My rants done. Glad you liked the video!

rissa said...

I used to have a hard time explaining to adults that I wasn't in any "grade" I was learining everything at my own pace, not that of the public school system. I don't know why aduts always ask kids what grade they are in, rather than just ask how old they are.
and I don't know how many times I had to explain to someone that I didn't get grades. the only time my work was even close to being graded was in math, where there is a right and wrong answer.

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