Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Serious" Art

I want to thank Spinneretta for the ht of the EDM art challenge. I have pulled out one of my old sketchpads and started with Challenge #1. I chose to draw Sierra's sneaker, because it happened to be on the floor.

A shoe!


Spinneretta said...

Looks great!
That's how I choose my subjects too... whatever is lying on the floor or next to me *laughing*

(in the latest one I did, the watch, that was on the floor in front of me... I moved it around and drew it *grin*)

40winkzzz said...

That sneaker looks familiar- Fuzz has had 3 pair of those! The first pair happened to wear out while we were studying electricity, so we dissected it to see how the light-up works! (I think I still have the other 5 in case we ever want to do it again, or a friend does... yes, I'm an awful packrat.)

I used to draw. I don't anymore. Fuzz wants me to give her drawing lessons, so maybe that'll get me back into it.

I don't come here often but thought I'd see whether there was anything different from your HSB blog. I don't remember seeing this one there.

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