Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picture Time!

I thought you might enjoy our Official Holiday Family Photo, complete with the 4 furballs who think they own us.

The family picture

And I know you are all wondering how long it took to get this amazing picture. Does life imitate comic strips in our humble home? Let me tell you. It took at least 7 shots and about 3 band-aids. And a little bit of cropping magic. Note to self: Make sure all surfaces are clean and clear when taking family photos, and make sure dirty socks are not visible.
But you really want to see one of the before shots, don't you? I'll give you one.

family picture take 5

In this picture, we just lost Merlin, who was on Chase's lap and fled in terror when he realized Rosie was behind him on my lap. Sierra decided to move to the couch so that Hobgoblin would be in the picture (He got cut off in the only other good picture.) I'm not quite sure why Marina is standing.

One more photo. This is what I call Yoga Humor.

Yoga Humor


Bonni said...

I Love, Love, LOVE the official photo! What a great pic! It's hilarious when you pair it with the 'before'. Good editing, girl!

Spinneretta said...


That is very similar to ours... there are the ones with the photographer missing, or the ones with weird faces.
I must have taken 50 before we got a GOOD one!
It's a nice looking family though :) Cats too ;)

TobyBo said...

OK... I'll bite... we take lots of photos but I cannot recall needing bandaids... is this some little known photography secret or were you subject to cat attack, or what?

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