Monday, February 25, 2008

Here It Is- Home Spun comic strip #200!

Happy 200th strip to me!

Home Spun comic strip #200

I love how my motherly words of encouragement come back to me. It sounds so much nicer than the echoes of my scoldings (yes, those happen too).

My children are so good at giving me props. When I finish a comic strip, their approval means so much to me. I've been known to rewrite comic scripts when they don't understand the punchline. I believe my example also helps them with their own interests. I watch how focused they are with their own activities, how they put their hearts into their work, and I know that they will be able to accomplish any goal they set for themselves.

1 comment:

Inner Elder said...

CONGRATULATIONS! #200 brought a tear, I must admit, so I agree with Tobey (Chase). You are doing a GOOD job. Keep it up and enjoy the process. Lots of Love, Mom

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