Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Wonder

Snow is important. As a gardener, I appreciate its insulating effect. It protects plants from bitter, moisture-sapping cold and keeps the ground from warming too quickly during January thaws. It also muffles the land, making the world quieter for a moment. Snow slows us down and makes us pay attention. I can't drive to quickly when it's snowing because of poor visibility. I need to focus on what I'm doing to avoid sliding on icy roads. Every winter we deal with drivers who forget this. Snow insists on being noticed the way a cat quietly steps in front of you as you walk. Snow brightens the landscape. During the short days of winter, it is always a welcome sight to awaken to dazzling white, sparkling in the sunlight.

Most important of all, snow is fun. It brings out the child in all of us. When it sneaks in during the night, it decorates the landscape, magically transforming the ordinary into something special. It has something to offer all of us. Serious sport enthusiasts may enjoy skiing, skating, and snowboarding. The more playful among us enjoy the simpler pleasures of sledding, snowball fights and snow angels.

And, of course, there is our favorite activity: snow sculpture.

snow,snowChase was nice enough to take pictures after we finished. I did this one. It's a snow sea monster/dragon/thing. I like making unusual creations. The first sculpture I ever did was a unicorn resting on my parents picnic table. Since then, there have been dragons, horses, old snowmen sitting on lawn chairs, a jaguar stalking on a neighbor's car, and an Easter bunny for a spring snowfall.
Since we didn't have art class, I snow,snow
figured it would be a good day for snow sculpture. This is a snow-Rapunzel that Marina and Sierra made. I love the way her face came out. Sierra later came in for a hat. If I had known it was for Rapunzel, I think I might have picked a different style for her to wear.

Below, Chase built his own happy snowman. He also did a snow dragon, but that picture didn't come out well. Next time, I think I'll fill a spray bottle with colored water to tint the snow. snow,snow


Soutenus said...

Thanks for the comment over at Catholic Notebook! (boyfriends and girlfriends)
I love the snowmen and the dragon! I DO miss the snow sometimes, (We are in Texas - no snow)

Anonymous said...

I love the snow scultures. the tree in the background looks like one in our old backyard.


ComfyDenim said...

Just be sure not to use yellow food coloring.

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