Friday, February 22, 2008

HTs and Other Interesting Finds

It's snowing. I was supposed to teach art today, the last act of my busy week, but now I'm not sure I can get out. It made me wonder if I should call the radio station and officially declare a snow day, since that is one of the "important" experiences my children are missing by not going to school. (At least, according to this article. Thanks for the pointing it out, Dana) I think that's funny. The experience my kids miss by not going to school is not going to school.

In my wanderings around the cyberverse, I came across this funny clip, HEMA. Just watch, don't try to do anything. HT to Pufferfish Diaries.

Then I got an email from my friend Dale. Dale writes a column for the Duct Tape Guys. He directed me to this fun video. If you're a fan of Rube Goldberg machines (who isn't?), you will love this invention. I'm still trying to figure out how they made some of the parts work.

And if you enjoy pop art, be sure to take a peek at the artwork of my friend and fellow homeschooler, Michael Albert. He has a very unique perspective with his "cerealism." I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of his artwork up close and personal, since my art class is held at his house.

I can hear my radio now. "Due to snowfall and hazardous driving conditions, Cristina's homeschooling art class is canceled." Yay! Time to play in the snow!


Inner Elder said...

Told you that you'd be snowed out. Hope you are resting. The snow gave me a chance to compose the next chapter in my exciting career as a gerontologist. Check it out.

Love, Mom

Soutenus said...

HEMA --hahaha! Good one! My 8 year old especially enjoyed it!

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