Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #197

Home Spun comic strip #197

We have an excellent book that really helped bring out the poets in my children. It's called Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? by Kenneth Koch. This is the beginning of an actual poem Chase wrote, inspired by William Blake's Tyger, Tyger!

Here is Chase's poem in its entirety (fixed for spelling and punctuation because that's what I do):

Komodo dragon, Komodo dragon,
Why do you have bacteria in your drool?
Why can't you climb on a stool?
How big are you?
Do you eat the cows that moo?
Oh why do you bite?
Why do you raise a fight?
And do you always have to use your might?


B&B said...

Love it!!

(make sure you add a section for this in your Mother's Day Cartoon book ;)

TobyBo said...

I see Chase goes to Mr Music's School of Spelling. Great poem, though.

RYC, LOL at "Pig Swedish." Miss Language and I debated whether that "withoot" sounded more like Scotty or the Swedish Chef. :)

Inner Elder said...

Chase I love your poem, especially the drool part. And eating the cows that moo? How cool is that! Why did I never see this poem - I love it.
PS love your Valentine image.


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