Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #207

Home Spun #207

I think it is wonderful that there are families who limit television or do without it altogether. I've met many homeschoolers who have done this. I used to feel apologetic about letting the kids watch T.V. My husband and I grew up with television. For myself, it was a comfort during asthma attacks, especially hospital stays. But if so many parents I respected were unplugging, I thought I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I'm not providing an environment that is stimulating enough.

Sometimes you have to step back to see. It used to frustrate me that my children could watch a show or see a movie once and spend months describing the plot for anyone who would listen.
It is true that my children have long memories. Chase, my visual learner, was especially good at this. If I thought about it, they also did these plot synopses for books that excited them.

Because of my own interest in animation and children's television, I tend to watch programs with them. I'm somewhat outspoken if I don't like what I'm seeing. Without realizing it, I've turned my children into program snobs. Discussion is happening, advice is being thrown at characters, plots and animation are being critiqued. It's amazing we hear half of the dialogue. Television is not a monster for us. It is another learning tool.

While they are watching, Marina usually curls up with her knitting or a sketch pad. Chase sometimes listens as he builds men out of whatever construction material is at hand. I'm amazed at what he can make with a pipe cleaner. When their show is over they are off to do other things.


appleleaf said...

I've had similar guilt and decided that "The Box" has had too much of a bad rap. The children from families without TV who visit us tend to be most fascinated with The Box and I can't help wondering if they'll consider themselves deprived as they get older and rebel.
Your family definitely sound as if you're making TV stimulating, whether or not it would be for other people who are watching the same programs.

Inner Elder said...

Like books, movies, food and everything else, the key is wise choices and moderation. I think you've got that down. Love, Mom

B&B said...

Lol...moderation. What's that?
j/k. Well sorta. I don't limit and it's never been an issue at our house.

Spinneretta said...

We tend to go the DVD route :) Of course, now my kids can recite word for word their favourite shows. Then they reneact them as legoes. Then they recite them to us ad nauseum...
Then they make up their OWN version of their favourite episode...
So it can't all be bad can it? ;) I recognise so many homeschool skills there: recitation, creativity and narration! ;)

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