Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #210

Home Spun comic strip #210

This is the reason my husband is most likely to be found searching the supermarket for chocolate bunnies the Saturday before Easter. Which is like finding a tree on Christmas eve.

Making chocolate is so easy it's embarrassing. The great thing about making your own chocolate is you can control the ingredients. I use Ghirardelli dark chocolate baking bars mixed with their double chocolate chips. I temper my chocolate in a warm oven that I preheat on the lowest setting and then turn off when I put the chocolate in. Chocolate and water vapor don't mix, so I avoid double boilers, which are more work anyway. Spoon melted chocolate into your mold and set in the refrigerator to harden. Again, cover them with wax paper to avoid condensation in the fridge. This is a wonderful family activity. Children can get creative. Aside from using molds, you can drop spoonfuls of chocolate and cover in sprinkles to make nonpareils, or mix in nuts to make clusters. They can also try dipping pretzels and strawberries.

But if you want chocolates for Easter, I suggest you work alone.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I am not suprised that your family has done this! I should have guessed. :) Hehe. Ghiradelli chocolate, of couse! You will have to tell me what kind of dark chocolate it is that you like by them best. I have found the chocolate powder for baking, by the way. :)

Your suggestion of working alone couldn't be more true, for Easter or any other holiday! I've tried to make chocolate for Christmas, Valentine's Day and my sister's graduation party. Notice I use the word 'tried.' ;) Even if lucky enough to get them made and to the event/holiday of your choice, they sure go fast!

~ Kerian

ComfyDenim said...

Yeah... alone.
Good advice.
I molded chocolate for christmas presents - and made sure I was alone - and they were asleep. * LOL*

Anonymous said...

I would be the chief sinner in this respect! I am teaching my children TERRIBLE habits about licking bowls, sampling, sticking your finger in batter... you get the idea! Hehehe.

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