Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm a Basket Case

So far I've made two batches of Easter bread but at the rate the family is eating it, I may still be making bread on Easter. In their defense, some of the loaves went to neighbors and friends, but I saw them decimate a loaf in less than ten minutes. I am so thankful for the dough mixing setting on my bread machine. Otherwise I would be rationing. Images of Oliver are looming in front of me. "You want more?"

We've been so busy I haven't even made chocolate yet. My husband and Marina are in the Living Stations of the Cross again this year, so I haven't had much evening time. And then I had a nasty headache yesterday. They always seem to happen at the least opportune moment. Mine started on Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon I was running my storytelling workshop. That's right, I miscalculated and scheduled a workshop the Wednesday before Easter. Don't tell me to check my calendar. I don't write these things down!

It was a wonderful workshop. The kids were so enthusiastic, it ran over an hour. I was tired, they still wanted to keep going. We even had reporters from a Swiss magazine. I hope we didn't overwhelm the journalists. I want the media to have positive experiences with homeschoolers, but my kids are still kids. If they suddenly start spewing pirate songs or become antisocial because they aren't getting their way, I wonder how that will reflect. On the other hand, is it right for me to have them shoulder the responsibility of representing their homeschooling community? It's always hard to expose our homeschooling life. There has been so much negative press about homeschooling lately, it is easy to feel self-conscious. I'll just cross my fingers and put this in God's hands. Along with Easter.

I wonder if it's too late to buy candy?


ComfyDenim said...

It's NEVER too late for candy. :-)

Inner Elder said...

The Easter bread was delish! You can take my word for it. It was a joyful experience having Easter dinner with all of you, an unexpected treat. Just as Easter should be. Thank you! We love you, Mom & Dad

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