Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Want My Peanuts!!!

I've talked before, in The Persistence of Squirrels, about the feeder outside the girls' window. Chase finally got some footage of the squirrels, narrating as only Chase can.


B&B said...

Awesome job, Chase!!!

Lol, come Spring, if you leave the window open and a bowl of peanuts inside, you can get more fun video!

Keeley said...

What a great video!!! I loved the narration too...."Nut job, or just plain crazy?" =D =D

Anonymous said...

I love the naration.


ComfyDenim said...

I want my PEANUTS!!!
Squirrels are VERY persistent aren't They?

if you take B&B"s advice about opening the window, You could have the adventures of NutJob the Squirrel and Merlin, the extermination unit. Of course, it would need a nifty title...like NutJob and Merlin. It could be the next Tom & jerry...Until Merlin eats NutJob. *LOL*

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