Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birds of Prey Sightings

We were at the nature center twice this past week. We helped clean up one day and went to our regular homeschooling class the other day. We love the nature center because we are always able to see some neat bird or critter. This week we saw some early butterflies, a mourning cloak and sulpher butterfly fluttered near as we loaded branches onto a truck on Wednesday. Over the field, a kestrel hovered as it searched for crickets. It's very cute to see. They look like they are pretending to be giant hummingbirds. This was the best picture I could get of it when we returned the following day with a camera.


I had much better luck with a long-eared owl that was sitting in a clump of pines.


Here is a close-up of this owl. Isn't he gorgeous?



B&B said...

Great pictures! You are so fortunate having a nature center near you.

Andrew H said...

jp, love the owl!

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