Friday, April 11, 2008

Contest II Winner #6

Contest II #6

Idea by naturalpaths

When Marina read this idea, it was her favorite. Of course, I had to ask her what a Jacobson's organ was. (What? I've got a lot to keep in my brain lately!) The fact that my daughter understood this when even I had a question mark over my head lead to this strip. It is wonderful how our children apply what they learn!

Congratulations naturalpaths!

Contest winners: I will be in touch with you. Please allow me a few weeks to get your color copies ready. Thanks to all who played!


ComfyDenim said...

THANK you for including the link...I had no idea what a Jacobson's organ was....

And I'm so glad that Marina did too.
When we get around to learning this stuff - you guys can teach via e-mail. *L*

appleleaf said...

Wow, I thought a Jacobson's Organ was a musical instrument! I've enjoyed reading this year's winner of your contest. Those strips made me laugh out loud.
Very philosophical observations about the tick, I might add. We've come across them on trips up to Queensland but I'm glad to say we don't have them are far south as we are in Australia.

Inner Elder said...

Marina never fails to inform me about all sorts of interesting stuff. Never seem to raise a topic that she hasn't read about. I can hardly wait to ask her today what a Jacobson's organ is. I am convinced that her knowledge comes from her love of reading; she devours books, remembers and applies. What a way to learn. Love, Grandma

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