Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #215

Home Spun comic strip #215

Several alert readers found my homeschooler's desk a little lacking last week. Lacking in mess, to be precise. My only response is that comic #214 represented my couch at the beginning of the day. Here is the couch again, 5 minutes after the children got up.


Spinneretta said...

That is SO true *rflol* (including the mother's wail from the door). I think we should have a carnival of couches :D
Only your disruptors make me think of the SNL skit with the space cats... :D

appleleaf said...

Yeah, 5 minutes is all it takes!
I loved your last post, about your anniversary of getting lost, too. I agree, bringing a hubby along is the best safeguard. That beautiful trail was worth being lost on.

B&B said...

ROFLOL!!! So NOW we can reLaTe!!

Inner Elder said...

Now this is more familiar. The comments help me to remember that my friends' super neat homes when I visit are most likely your "before" strip. Living is messy. Love, Mom

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