Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lessons Learned This Week

In no particular order, here are some lessons I've learned this week.

  • A foot can fit through a pirate sword hilt in one direction.
  • Chocolate eggs make excellent miniature canopic jars.
  • You cannot unmix Kool-Aid.
  • You cannot reason with a 5 yo in the middle of a tantrum
  • No matter how much you rake, there will still be leaves on the lawn from last Fall.
  • Double pointed knitting needles should not be used while reading over your mom's shoulder at the computer. (Marina, please step back.)
  • Quarterly reports will not write themselves.
  • It is impossible to use the words "arrow," "face," and "stitches" in the same sentence without causing anxiety.
  • Don't Panic.
  • Even if your kids know the rules, you need to assume their friends don't know the rules.
I never realized how much I homeschool myself.


ComfyDenim said...

Oooo - The Professor would tell you to move the "Don't Panic" to the first bullet point. Nice use of Douglas Adams. :-)

Isn't it funny what our kids will teach you? Mini-E is trying to teach us all that everything is hers. *L* Little people and ruling the world..what's that about??

I loved the list. I can only laugh because it isn't my list. Though I could add one - expect rain on the day you're planning to go to the zoo.

appleleaf said...

Good lessons, and a busy week.
I'm sure some of those contain wisdom for many situations we may find ourselves in.

Anonymous said...

What is Marina making now that she's using double-pointed knitting needles?
Love, Aunt Linda

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