Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #222



Keeley said...

*Sigh* Just learned my son's best friend is going to public school next year. My son's just been bawling his eyes out. So your strips are all too apropos at this time. =( Oh bother. =(

Was this a true story of what happened? How did your daughter cope? Did you do anything in particular to help her?

jugglingpaynes said...

Keeley, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It is heartbreaking. We have had it happen numerous times.

What I did was become proactive about keeping her in touch with her friend. I would arrange to meet as much as possible with her friend afterschool. Eventually they just grew apart and other friends appeared. Life is change. We value the friends we've made and always welcome old friends back. :o) Now that she is older and uses email, I hope she will be better able to keep in touch with the latest friend who will start high school in the fall.

Peace and Laughter!

Keeley said...

Thank you so much for your advice. =)

We had a big discussion today about why so many of his friends are going back to PS, and came to the conclusion that it's bound to become more common as he approaches high school age. We knew this particular friend's mother doesn't believe in hsing high school, so we knew it was coming in a couple of years....just didn't expect it so soon! =Þ

Well, as you say, life is change.

TheMFamily said...

That's the way I feel in a way with my friends and sister that I was homeschooled with. My sister and good friend don't want to do it and I absolutely respect their choices. If I had chosen that route, I would want to be respected too. But it is hard personally because of course with us we are still close, it just would be so nice to do the same things together. To share in something that was a big part of us growing up. It is just something that I have learned to let go and be respectful of others and love them with our differences in raising and parenting our children.

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