Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #251

Home Spun comic strip #251

Luckily, this year's production was given a deadline at the start and I'm happy to say that the plays were a success in spite of various obstacles, including uncooperative weather for yesterday's performance. I'm very proud of our group of kids. They performed two of their three plays under a steadily darkening sky and when the thunder and rain decided it wouldn't stop they made a makeshift stage in my friend's house and parents and friends squeezed in to watch.

Erynn and Joe's children have been organizing these plays for a number of years. From their first production of an adapted American Girl play to Shakespeare to original musicals, every year they get better, the cast grows (Chase and Sierra debuted this year), and parents are amazed as something special blooms from the chaos.

But it does involve planning. And organizing homeschoolers is akin to herding cats. A timetable for rehearsals and show times is the result of a great deal of calendar juggling. Summer is full of baseball games, camps, workshops, babysitting, and the usual assortment of classes that perpetually fill a homeschooler's day. But somehow, the play always manages to fit into the schedule.

Even if it needs to wait for October to find an opening.


Anonymous said...

"organizing homeschoolers is akin to herding cats" -- LOL, I love it! And I love the comic strip.

Anonymous said...

Sometime I'd like to see one of these productions - sounds like the kids, and everyone else, worked very hard to present these plays. Good job!

Love, Aunt Linda

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