Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Gingerbread Castle

Continuing our edible models, Marina supervised the building of a gingerbread castle. I think they enjoy this period of history. They've been building castles since their first LEGO sets. Marina did most of the baking and the basic design. Chase helped with details, like the drawbridge, and Sierra did some decorating. The only real issue with this design was the the Royal frosting was too thin, so the texture kept flattening out before it hardened. This accounts for the drippy icicle over the doorway.

The base is a gingerbread cake while the walls and center keep are made of gingerbread. The spires are sugar cones. The details are made with Starburst fruit chews, Sweetarts candies and drippy Royal frosting.




From the top you can see the courtyard, or bailey. Starburst fruit chews form the doors into the keep, the out buildings (stable, blacksmith, bakery) and were also used to create arrow slits along the wall.


flmom said...

Very creative! I'll have to show this to ds1 and see where his imagination leads... (No chance of any peace and quiet in my house any time soon due to a huge Hot Wheels set one of hubby's co-workers gave the boys. LOL)

Lori said...


Inner Elder said...

Wonderful job, Marina. Thanks for taking a picture. Didn't know you were going to eat it. Love, Grandma

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