Sunday, December 28, 2008

Veni Vidi Eaty

They came, they saw, they ate.

It was a brilliant battle for the gingerbread castle, but in the end, it was taken. And eaten. With ice cream. Yummy.

I don't think they decided about which invaders they were. Possibly Vikings, but they mainly went for the villages near the rivers. Maybe Normans. Did you know they invaded Italy by accident? Italy asked them to help against other invaders and they liked it so much, they decided to stay. I learn so much from my children. Especially Italy lately, since Marina is preparing for her trip.


Some notes on castle building. Starburst fruit chews don't taste very good to us, and their flavor was absorbed by the frosting. A good rule of thumb is to build with candy you actually like.


Purpleflowerpatch said...

The culinary architecture produced by your family NEVER ceases to impress me! ;-)
Thank you for the beautiful are SO gifted!!! Elizabeth loved Marina's ring!

Lori said...

yes! chex cereal makes awesome shingles but doesn't taste near as good as m&ms. ;^)

kathy said...

Good rule of thumb - note to self - starburst absorb stuff. This looks like you all enjoyed

Happy Holidays!

Alison said...

I've missed your blogging. Glad to see you conquered Christmas :-)

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