Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home Alone, Mom Style

Did you miss me? It's been busy around here. I also managed to use up the last of my vellum Bristol paper, so I apologize for the lack of comics.

Right now, the house is quiet. My husband took the kids to visit his family for a few days. You may wonder why I'm not with them. Many reasons, most especially the lack of a pet sitter. With the number of cats increased to five, I feel it would be an imposition to ask someone to keep an eye on them. We also haven't figured out which one of them hates a dirty litter box so much they "protest" if it's full.

This is probably the first time all year I've had the house to myself. I'm trying to control the urge to put on some old time rock and roll and dance around. Particularly because I don't want to kill myself tripping over stuff. I'm using some of my down time to reorganize the children's rooms. I usually leave their rooms alone, but I figure there are a few layers of toys and clothes left over from the toddler era that could be excavated so they can actually put away their Christmas presents. And Chase, if you're reading this, I promise I haven't thrown out any of the boxes you insist you need. (It's hard living with a cardboard sculpture artist.)

I've also done a ton of laundry. OK, I've done two loads, but that was everything in the laundry basket and all of the linens and comforter off of Chase's bed. I've been a little nervous waiting to hear that they reached their destination safely. It's a five hour drive and it's been snowing all day. They called from the halfway point and now I'm waiting for they're arrival call. Maybe I should start a third load of wash. Or mop the floor. Or alphabetize the bookshelves.

Come on. You can't tell me you've never dreamed of cleaning the house and having it stay that way for more than five seconds.

And don't worry, I'm keeping my priorities straight. I plan to sit down and at least script some new comic strips, buy some more paper and take an extra long yoga class. I may even blog the rest of the week!


biblioholic29 said...

Party Time! Nothing like having the place to yourself for a bit to unwind and also show how much you treasure your family! Enjoy!

appleleaf said...

Good on you. I can't imagine what the silence must be like when you're having a break. And it's a good idea to get a bit of that work done without the family around to make more at the same time. But were you a bit lonely at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tina! We miss you. Enjoy your time alone.
Love, Linda

Kerian said...

I hate that kind of protestor! We know which of our four is the culprit.

Cleaning home alone is the best way to clean! It's the only way I can keep the house tidy, so I know what you mean. Enjoy your down time and have happy new year! :)

Lori said...

oh my, i also have a cardboard sculptor. his raw materials take up a *lot* of room .. and look amazingly similar to a pile of garbage! :^P

time alone to reflect and clear the decks sounds like a great way to begin the year. ;^)

happy new year!

Jessica said...

Ooo... jealous! Coming from my large family there was one vacation where my dad, my older sister and I were left home for a week. My sister did some work for my dad so for 2 days I was alone. I am a clean person so I went all over the house cleaning it from top to bottom and loving that it STAYED clean! Now I would love something like that as a mom. Time to myself AND cleaning time. Ah, what a great present. ;)

Henry Cate said...

"You can't tell me you've never dreamed of cleaning the house and having it stay that way for more than five seconds."

My company had a two week holiday shut down. I was home all of last week, and this week. We've cleaned house every day, typically about two hours. (The girls get to watch "Babylon 5" after they've cleaned.) And yet we still need to clean. Funny world.

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