Thursday, January 1, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Bed

Today I stripped the sheets off of Sierra's bed to wash them. This took about a half hour to accomplish. I really wish we had a second camera, because I don't think I can do this experience justice in words only.

The first step to getting her sheets involves clearing around the bed. Her bed is in the corner of the room, forming an L with her sister's bed. They are both captains beds, but Marina's is slightly higher and has a nifty collapsible table at one end. It's rarely collapsed as it is usually full of stuff. Since it overhangs Sierra's bed, she claimed it for her own. Underneath this table, between the beds, is a space about five inches wide. My clearing method involves taking a broom and sweeping out the debris so that I can sort through it.

The contents of the 5 inch wide space between the beds (this is only a partial list):
-candy wrappers
-a beheaded statue
-three stuffed animals
-various plastic Disney figurines
-Polly Pocket dresses
-assorted doll clothes
-Oh! There's the head!
-a roll of electrical tape that had been unrolled and then rolled again
-tiny plastic farm animals from a counting set
-two blank pieces of paper, taped together
-one of those skipping things with a ring you put on your ankle connected with rope to a ball
-the pink hair clippings from a pony toy

At this point I'm wondering if I should be happy or sad about the fact that she doesn't know how to hide evidence, but I carry on and throw out the garbage, putting toys aside to put away later. Now I've made it to the bed. I start by pulling off the pillowcase and notice more doll clothes and pajamas beneath the pillow. No big deal, I toss the doll clothes into their proper pile and pull at the comforter.

Oh my. Why did I start this?

First of all, the comforter was all ripped underneath. Stuffing is showing and I'm wondering if it ripped because she's had it awhile or if this was part of her cutting activities. In either case, I didn't think it wise to put a torn comforter into the wash, so I set it aside and start sorting through the objects on top of her bed.

Contents of the top of the bed (a partial list):
-candy wrappers
-Polly Pocket dolls
-many stuffed animals
-a large sheepdog puppet
-lots of doll clothes and accessories in various shapes and sizes
-two Barbies (undressed)
-two sticker books
-two knights
-many horses
-a baby doll
-a felt board
-at least 20 books, hardcover and paperback
-a tin of Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies (I was wondering what happened to that)
-two Santa caps
-a writing tablet
-two flashlights

At this point I just want the bedsheet so I can wash it, so I yank it off and shake anything that might be left onto the floor. At some point I also dug out stuff between the bed and the wall, including crumpled drawings, a princess puppet, more dolls, and--anyone? anyone?--you guessed it, candy wrappers!

I'm beginning to understand why she has such difficulty getting to sleep at night. And with all those books, I'm starting to wonder if she reads better than she claims.


Inner Elder said...

Great post Tina. Hysterical! Back in ancient times, we would move my brother Jim's bed to do our Christmas cleaning and find a mountain of candy wrappers. But Sierra claims the prize (for what? Clutter? Mess? fitting the most stuff into a small space?), no contest! Love, Mom

flmom said...

Too funny! I really don't want to go tidy up my ds1's room now. LOL

You asked about how long it took me to make the quilt ... I made that over the course of probably about 2.5 months. I didn't work on it every day though and there was at least one stretch I didn't work on it for at least a week. If you have a sewing machine, it would be a lot faster. I don't so it took me quite a bit longer. Size will also be a factor to consider. I used every bit of fabric I had and ended up with a 50x50 finished product (10 rows of 10 squares each).

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