Sunday, December 14, 2008

Keeping Busy

Aside from Chase's tea ceremony, we've been busily preparing for Christmas. I had some presents that need to be mailed, so I spent the beginning of December making chocolates, then cookies, then cookies dipped in chocolate. Marina and I teamed up on a present for my nephews. They like rockets, and I haven't played with my sewing machine for a while, so with old jeans in hand and some flannel, I built this soft rocket.


I ripped out the stitches a number of times putting it together. I bent one needle and rethreaded the sewing machine about a thousand times, but I finished. I will reiterate that I've never done anything like this before and I was working from an idea in my head, not a pattern. My imagination likes to get me in trouble. From now on, I start these things in August.

While I made the rocket, Marina knitted some aliens to ride in it. She did much better on her end of this project. Luckily, my sister never reads my blog, so I'm sure this will stay a surprise for the boys.


I've also been working on an angel sculpture made of milk gallon jugs. I just need to put a halo on her. That will happen as soon as the Trader Joe's cookies are finished. I'm pleased with how she turned out. I plan to set her up in the yard. She's about three feet high. Here is the front and back.


My vision for this sculpture was that I didn't want it to appear an angel from all angles. We don't always recognize the angels in our lives, so if she's viewed from the side she looks like this:

crafts Clever, don't you think?

I also started working on my Christmas cards. They are coming along, although I may email some this year just so they get to my family on time. If I disappear again this week, you'll know I'm licking envelopes!


Lostcheerio said...

Those are amazing. I love that the rocket has an inside. Also the aliens are very cute and the milk jug angels are completely charming. Here's to working from an idea in your head!


Lori @ Camp Creek said...

the alien/rocket combination is too awesome!! :^D)

love your sculpture -- i will to show it to the boys, as they always appreciate a fellow sculptor-of-recyclables. ;^)

Inner Elder said...

I just love your rocket, aliens and Angel. And yes, Angels do come in strange shapes and guises. I know,I'm married to one! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Those things are amazing! :-)

Kez said...

Love the rocket & aliens - too awesome!

The angel is incredible - can't wait to see it in situ!

Anonymous said...

Rocket & aliens are awesome! Angel is interesting - I never would have thought of making one from milk jugs. Good luck with the Xmas cards - I've emailed most of mine and will only mail cards to people who mail them to me.
Have a great week, Love, Linda

Purpleflowerpatch said...

These are all so cool!!!

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