Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do We Dewey?

Marina is going into the library Monday afternoon for job training. She's going to be a library page. She had some quiet time tonight and was researching the Dewey Decimal System here. I don't think she's required to commit the system to memory, but she likes to be prepared. I wonder if they'll quiz her?

Quick! 636.8P! What book is it?

When she isn't researching Dewey, she's walking around with her headphones, listening to Italian for Dummies. That's not an insult, I just picked the easiest CD set I could find. Italian for Dummies gives more phrases and less grammar lessons. She leaves in February, so I thought a quick fix ("Where is my hotel?" for example) would be better than the long haul (conjugate the verb "to travel").


Anonymous said...

I wondr how you turn a library page? I guess it will be all up to Marina. Congrarulations and love, Buelo

Vicki said...

You are a good mom. =)

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