Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #322

Home Spun comic strip #322

My Source of All Knowledge is still in Italy, having a grand time, so I was forced to look online to find out which president it was that was ambidextrous. How many times has Marina told me this and I didn't remember? I'm a poor student. I scoured our encyclopedias and the internet before I found that fact. I believe she learned that from "Don't Know Much About US Presidents by Kenneth Davis. I really should pay more attention when Marina tells me these things.

Then I went looking for a fun fact about George Washington. I never knew how much he liked ice cream. Truth be told, I thought ice cream hadn't been invented yet. I could not have been more wrong! Ice cream has been around a long time. You learn a new thing every day when you homeschool your kids.


ComfyDenim said...

You also learn when you draw a comic about homeschooling. *L* How fun is that?

flmom said...

I'll have to look for that book my ds1 would love it. I believe the one we have as part of our home library is called Don't Know Much About U.S. History.

Vicki said...

A truer statement has never been said... Learning happens when you add kids. =P

Elizabeth Symington said...

I happened upon your site via Home School Dad's blog. It caught my eye because I was home schooled until 11th grade (and loved it!!) Reading your strip I heard my mom's voice in my head. She has said many times that she learned so much by teaching my brother and me.

I can't wait to read more of your blog. We've got several things in common: art and juggling!

Anonymous said...


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Jessica said...

That is how I feel too. The other day Emily was reading a book about weather in the car while we drove and not only was she learning big words that I was able to help her with, but I was learning some things I had never heard before. Like how some cyclones can pick up small animals in the water and then rain them down on people. Interesting.

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