Thursday, February 26, 2009


From Rome, Marina's tour group took the bus through Tuscany to get to Florence. This is a beautiful picture she took of the view of Florence on the Arno.
38-Florence on the Arno

The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) which was the only bridge to survive the Nazis. Hitler remembered how nice it was when he walked across it with Mussolini.
33-Ponte Vecchio

The entrance to the Uffizi Palace courtyard. This palace is now a museum. They didn't get to go inside. Too much to see!
34-Entrance Uffizzi

Neptune's Fountain was designed by a student of Michelangelo. Michelangelo tended to be very critical of the work of his students and contemporaries. He didn't like this fountain. Of the statue of Neptune, he told the student, "What a nice piece of have ruined."
35-Neptune's Fountain

Here we have the old Medici palace. In the courtyard of the Uffizi palace, there were statues of some of the artists and scientists who have worked and lived in the Medici palace.
36-Medici Palace 37-Statues

There are many beautiful buildings decorated with frescoes.

Below is the architect of Florence's Duomo. His statue is situated so that he can look up at his work.
41-Duomo Architect 40-Florence Duomo

They passed by Dante's house. On the walk outside the entrance, there is a carving of Dante's profile which can only be seen when it is wet. Look at that nose! People with large noses are said to have Dante's nose!
42-Dante Profile

Marina loved seeing the library. It is beautiful, isn't it.
43-Florence Library

Next stop: Pisa


Summer Fae said...

I love looking at your pictures. These are just wonderful!!

Peter said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to go see them myself!

Keeley said...

Oh wow, what fabulous pictures!

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