Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marina's Italian Adventure: Arrival

Marina had a long day. The plane landed in Rome at dawn, slightly ahead of schedule. One of the girls in their group lost some luggage, but other than that, the flight went smoothly. They immediately started touring the country, starting with the Pantheon. They saw many obelisks and fountains and toured St Agnes Church. They also saw the Spanish Steps and the Bath House at Caracalla.

The weather was a bit crazy. At the Piazza Navona there was a hailstorm, while at the Trevi Fountain they had a brief thunderstorm. This worked out for them because they took some time to have gelato. Marina said several people tried to sell her umbrellas as she shared my mother's. She thought it was funny that they kept lowering the price when she said no.

By the time she called me she was at the hotel and tired from her busy first day. The group was going to have pizza for dinner and then I'm guessing they will all conk out. After all, they need to be up at 6AM this morning. With the 6 hour time difference, that means she'll be getting up as I'm posting this.

I'll post another tour update when she calls me again!

Next stop: Vatican City


call*me*kate said...

How very, very cool! Oh, I hope she has a terrific time! Praise the Lord she had a safe and good flight. I'll keep her in prayer and I'm looking forward to photos and trip updates. What a great opportunity for your daughter!

I loved the bird photos. We get what used to be called "Oregon Juncos" but now are linked in to the "Dark Eyed Juncos" group. They have dark brown hoods and light-colored bodies. It's fun to see your Junco - very pretty.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(My baby will turn 8 on Friday - yikes!)

Keeley said...

How awesome is that? Dying to read more updates. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy the plane trip went without problems and hope she and Eleanor have a great time. Too bad the weather isn't better! Can't wait for the next update.
Love, Linda

Janice said...

Wow! Sounds like Marina and grandma had a terrific visit to Italy. Marina you are quite the photographer - the photos are breathtaking.

Cousin Janice

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