Friday, March 20, 2009

Home Spun reprints #59-61 Losing Sleep

Home Spun comic #59

Home Spun comic #60

Home Spun comic #61

We all have weeks when we have a million things to do and we don't seem to be getting any sleep. Last night, I had one child complaining about nausea, another ended up sleep walking in front of the bathroom (she needed to go, but she didn't seem to realize the bathroom was open and empty), and then nauseous child started snoring. Loudly. You would think I would have had a little sleep once the snoring stopped, but when it stopped my mind filled with thoughts of sleep apnea and I had to check that everyone was breathing. They were.

Add on to this my monthly struggle with insomnia, a backache (I threw out my back doing yoga. Ironic, eh?) and hypothyroid and I'm not exactly Miss Perky in the morning. I'm more of a Miss Percolator. I know coffee isn't the best thing for me, but some days it's the only thing that keeps me going. There are places to go and things to do. Homeschooling can't stop every time I lose sleep.

But it will slow down a bit. Time to unschool.


Jessica said...

Oh, the days I am tired and loose sleep I feel like such an awful homeschooling mama. So tired and grumpy and then not so patient with my children.

Vicki said...

OMG!! I feel so guilty!! I should never have mentioned sleep apnea..

The cat one? I can SO relate. The cats are banned from my room just because of what you drew. (Other's in my home have issues with closing doors..mhm)

Lol...never tried coffee straight from the pot...nope. I still need the cream and sugar.

Thanks for the giggles!

appleleaf said...

So sorry to hear about your insomnia. Sometimes it's those times we're busiest that thoughts just whirl around our tired brains.
And hypothyroid? That's the one my dh has too. Your thyroid gland is over-active, right, causing shakiness, feeling heat quickly, and possibly large, poppy eyes if it's not controlled properly. He takes tablets for his but his writing is still always shaky. (My mum actually had the opposite, the under-active type). No wonder insomnia hits you at time, when you're already wound up.
And I totally agree, when pets disturb your precious sleep it's really maddening.
I'll pray some calmness will come your way,

Mama Self said...

Too true! But I have given up caffeine and sugar for a while, so I just try to catnap if necessary after lunch. Twenty minutes saves the day!

Janet said...

Coffee straight from the pot sounds like just the ticket some mornings! Our kitten is always awake and looking for action at 4am. If one of the kids is sick, or otherwise disturbed in the night the unfortunate extra consequence is that the kitten always gets in our room (we lock her out at night) and wakes us up yet again (after the kid with the problem is dealt with).

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