Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #338

Home Spun comic strip #338

Whenever I do an activity with the kids, I'm always thinking about how I can categorize it for the quarterlies. If I'm lucky, I can associate the activity with several different subjects.

Editor's Note: It was brought to my attention that ice should not be used for a burn. I've verified this with a reliable source (Vicki's firefighter husband).
What can I say? I'm overworked and underpaid. My intention was not to give medical advice but to make a point about how my mind works. I guess it wasn't working at all! My brain power was used up on testing and quarterly reports. I'm amazed I even finished comics for this week. I am sorry for the misinformation.


call*me*kate said...

That's too funny about the female beta coincidence! I forgot to mention that my husband also has a male beta and wants to breed the female to it when she's a bit bigger. He bought her a double tank with a divider that can be put in when she's ready. Then she'll be on one side with "Swanson" on the other. I guess Todd will have to decide when to remove the divider and give them some privacy. I'll keep you posted - gosh it kind of feels like choosing a bride for your son, know what I mean?!

Oh, and about the "What grade are they in?" question? I never know and it's awkward. I've started just saying their age, unless it's for testing or something like that. I hate the grade thing. It's pointless.

Happy April Fools Day!


P.S. I still haven't finished viewing your Italy photos - I must make time for that! Such fun!

Anonymous said...

Ice shouldn't be put on burns, it can damage the skin tissue further.

jugglingpaynes said...

Really? I usually wrap the ice in a wet washcloth (I only have so much space in a comic strip to express an idea), but I never knew ice was bad for a burn.
We also put the burn under cold water.

Any tips, Anonymous? :o)

Anonymous said...

cold water for 15 minutes

appleleaf said...

We usually use a packet of frozen peas or beans. I guess that would be the same as ice. Or as you said, ice wrapped in flannel or cloth. I've learned something too.
About your recent comment, I'm with you now. Your thyroid problem is the type with easy weight gain, thinning hair and skin that tends to dry. I know all about that one too. Just get my hyper and hypo mixed up.

Vicki said...

=) Morning! I'm glad you didn't pull this comic and I apologize for not stopping by sooner. When I was little, my mom would always put butter on that type of a burn...(I forgot what I was told about that but think it was 'Your mother is WRONG!'

Last night I started helping my unschooler build his own website. It's still under construction but feel free to pop by and let me know what you think.

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