Friday, April 3, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #339

Home Spun comic strip #339

We borrowed a book from the library called "Eat This, Not That for Kids." It's been enlightening. For the most part, we've done well, since we don't really eat fast food and I've spoiled them with homemade treats. Marina says she can taste the chemicals in store bought cookies. There are areas where we could be doing better. I'm not really sure I understand how they came up with some of the substitutes. I don't think I could convince the mac and cheese lovers in the family to have Spaghettios instead. I think it will work better to just buy macaroni and cheese less often.


Summer Fae said...

My son LOVES that book. He read it two times. It was not fun while we were grocery shopping. you know how bad that is for you? According to my book we should get this instead of that.

It was an experience!

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I had that experience too, with my oldest. It's hard to shop when you're so knowledgeable about your groceries!

kathy said...

I've heard of this book - I should see if our library has it. We've been baking a lot with the Artisan 5 minute bread - I blogged about it and we're really enjoying it. Yesterday, I pulled out a few handfuls and made hamb. buns because I forgot to buy some and it was dee-lish along with wonderful to be able to do that from scratch
Love the cartoon!

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