Friday, April 17, 2009

Reprints #104-106: The Homeschooling Father

Home Spun comic strip #104

Home Spun comic strip #105

Home Spun comic strip #106

I wrote this set back in June 2007 as a tribute to homeschooling fathers. Because I have no idea what it's like to be a homeschooling dad, I got ideas from a local homeschooling father and friend, Joe. He is a great guy, and has led many group activities ranging from science classes to directing the earliest summer theater productions the kids have done. The parents now have nothing to do with the summer shows (except for mediating disagreements between the young actors and directors) but Joe still runs a number of group classes and now deals with the new challenge of scheduling activities while his older child attends high school and the younger one homeschools. Mom or dad, the homeschooling parent is always the chauffeur.


appleleaf said...

Yes, I find homeschooling dads are generally lovely, relaxed fellows, which I guess they need to be. The true unsung heroes. Hats off to guys like Joe.
I just did the same thing you did. I was supposed to deliver a talk/workshop on creative writing tomorrow but the library involved told me there was just one booking. Although disappointing, I had to admit after the busyness of Easter that I was relieved in a way.

Inner Elder said...

I lol at the strip about the homeschooling Dad. Thanks for reprinting. When you get to my age, it's always new!

Love, Mom

Lori @ Camp Creek said...

these are great! my husband has always stayed home with the boys at least half-time and he also does his share of the hs'ing - and people are taken aback!

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