Monday, April 13, 2009

Reprints #211, 227 and 261: Reality Checks

Home Spun comic strip #211

Home Spun comic strip #227

Home Spun comic strip #261

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to reprint today. I decided to go with the theme of "reality checks" because it always seems like life gets in the way of our grand schemes, especially during holidays. Take this Easter, for example. I planned to make chocolates and Easter breads, to attend the Easter vigil with my family, and to have a relaxed Easter morning watching the kids hunt for their eggs and baskets before heading out to visit family on Long Island.

Instead, I ended up feeling rushed. I managed to burn my second batch of bread because I invited my neighbor's grandchildren to color eggs with Sierra. I managed to get to the vigil mass with my parents and Marina, but Sierra only decided to come at the last minute after spending the day insisting (rather vocally and with attitude) that she wouldn't come. Chase didn't come, but that was OK since my husband was going to lector (be the reader) at the noon mass on Easter Sunday. That noon mass ended up taking almost as long as the Easter Vigil, so we ended up getting a late start to my aunt's house. Luckily, we had no traffic going out. Coming home was another story.

And now, this week that I thought would be a relaxing vacation is actually a busy week. Every third week of the month, our storytelling group meets on Wednesday and we have nature class on Thursday. I inadvertently scheduled a children's poetry night on Tuesday. Marina works today (Monday). And did I mention that my husband decided to cut his vacation short because he had to take a day off last month when he was sick?

The fantasy was that I would take a vacation this week. The reality is that life keeps moving forward. I think I missed my stop.


flmom said...

LOL I hate getting out in the rain and am always thankful when we don't have anywhere to go (like today - massive thunderstorms are almost here).

Oopsy just travels from place to place with a sheet of paper that Caroline typed up to accompany her on her round-the-world travels, but I am going to send a goodie box with some trinkets from her visit with us to Caroline on my own (I don't know what those before me have done). My boys are already wanting to know if we can sign up for another Oopsy visit after she's been a few other places. LOL

Keeley said...

Oh, I loved that last one last time you put it up. It's so cute! And such a wonderful reminder to occasionally be Mary rather than Martha. =)

Inner Elder said...

Thank you for the reprints. I love to see them, especially the "first steps". By the way your easter bread was yummy and it took us 2+ hours to get home. Love, Mom

LauraD said...

Happy Easter! I so enjoy your comics, and sure learn a lot. We, too, have been trying to be real gentle with ourselves, and, to that effect, have also managed to completely not start our 'homeschool engines' for quite some time. Right now, my kids are swinging on our porch swing in the 3rd nice day in a row. We had a nice Easter celebration, and i got to attend the VIgil with my mom-in-law, which was really special. She kept commenting how L-O-N-G it was! ;-) I decided not to take it personally. Haha....nah, it was great.
Storytelling group -- what do you do for that? SOunds very fun!

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