Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #354

Home Spun comic strip #354

Using those extra check registers was one of my better ideas with Marina. I thought it would help her see her money better and make smart spending decisions. My only advice on this idea is that you need to stay on top of them until it becomes habit. Because I tended to forget to remind Chase to update his check register, he did not use it as regularly as Marina. It's also a good idea to have them count their money once a month to make sure their totals match up. This is good practice for when they need to balance their checkbooks.

Now that she works and has her own bank account, I'm glad I gave Marina these early financing lessons. She figured out how to view her account online and checks it whenever she receives her statements. The only thing my lessons didn't teach her is to deposit her paychecks in a timely manner. Since she doesn't drive, she depends on me to take her to the bank (she doesn't have direct deposit), so I guess it's partly my fault.

Next week's comics will be late since we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!


Baby Murloc said...

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Lori said...

such a great idea! :^)

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