Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #357

Home Spun comic strip #357

I've come to realize that the more children you have, the harder it is to parent. The younger ones start realizing how to work their way around the chain of command. I don't remember doing this myself (I was the third of three), but I've been assured by my sister that I was very good at getting my way. I like to think of it as a survival mechanism, built into the youngest to assure they won't be forgotten.

And so that we get more cookies.


Inner Elder said...

I think that all three of you learned to manage your parents, but each in your own way. If you think parenting is hard now, wait till they're in their 20's! You never stop being Mommy!
Love, Your Mother

King Mrgl-Mrgl said...

Hmmm....maybe it's the luck of three? I was the fourth and last for the first nine years of my life. That translates as very few pictures to the others having thousands, forgotten daily, boys hand-me-downs since my sister was much older and her clothes never made it to me.

Then, when I was nine, my parents added a fifth child. A screamer, so I get the breaking ear drums,who soon got ALL the attention and all four of us older ones were forgotten.

Well, my dad kept the boys close.
Hmmmm....explains a lot....

Rofl...TOO DEEP! (Explains my love of books, though.)

appleleaf said...

That's hilarious!!
I think we get worn out after years of well intentioned disciple with the older siblings. Just can't stand another "Here we go again." Especially when it involves more than one person to set straight.

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