Monday, June 29, 2009

Balloons and Knits

I apologize for the lack of comics this week. My house was taken over by a pack of balloon animals.

Ballon sculptures The balloon sculpture workshop went well, in case you were wondering. I started reminiscing about my list of lessons from making balloon animals.

Marina has been a knitting up a whirlwind lately. I thought I would post pictures of some of her work.

The poncho doubles as a convenient blanket/tent for cats.


There is actually a breed of dog that looks like a panda. Marina wanted to knit one for a friend of ours. Her first attempt didn't work out as well as she wanted. It looked too panda, not enough dog. I suggested a tongue, but it didn't work too well.
It looked a little sick.

Panda Dog1

The second was much more dog like.

Panda Dog2

This little guy is a favorite. She got a book of unusual animal knits called Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. It included the Loch Ness monster. I'm waiting for her to make the kraken.



Vicki said...

Oh! I so wish I knew how to knit! Those stuff animals are so cute!!!
Marina is very talented. (And so is her mom looking at the colorful pile of balloon animals)


Your house is always so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I bet you were out of breath after all those balloon animals! Beautiful work Marina. I suppose Chase is waiting for the dragon!
Love, Aunt Linda

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I love Marina's work!!! That shawl is beautiful...I'm quite jealous. ;-)

Janet said...

I love that Loch Ness Monster! Amazing work!

appleleaf said...

That's the sort of domestic zoo I like, colourful, quiet and not needing to be fed. The balloon ones and knitted ones are all great.
When I read your lower post about impermanent art I remembered seeing a clip about a guy who does masterpieces in the dirt on the back windows of cars, just to be rained off. Maybe something about the short life of this sort of creativity makes the art even more special in a way.

Inner Elder said...

Isn't it wonderful how we use different materials and ways to express our creativity? I love your knitty critters, Marina. They are lovely to look at and bring smiles; what more can a work of art ask for? Love, Grandma
PS I love the way the panda's tongue was sticking out. Too cute!

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