Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fly Away Free

Sierra successfully raised five butterflies. We are all very proud.

We waited for a dry, sunny day (not as easy as you might think) to release them. Friday afternoon proved to be our best opportunity. Daddy wanted to say goodbye too, so we waited until he came home from work.

Below you see Sierra with her butterflies outside of our house. Honestly, I didn't think this would work too well. The flying they did inside of the butterfly habitat made me unsure of their talent for fluttering.

However, once the door was open, they seemed to quickly figure out the mechanics of their gift. Each butterfly quickly flew into the sky and disappeared from view.

I had promised Sierra she could try to hold one before she let them go. A couple of them obliged before winging it. What is it about holding a butterfly that is so magical? Sierra's face glowed as if a fairy had just whispered a secret into her ear. She could not have been happier! And her happiness makes me very happy. I'm glad I gave this project a third try.


Janet said...

Yea! I love happy endings! It's wonderful you got pictures of the butterflies before letting them go. I always forget about taking pictures until after everything is over.

Joi said...

She did a great job!!

flmom said...

There is definitely something extremely magical about holding a butterfly! Great job, Sierra!!!

All our larva have disappeared. Maybe birds, maybe something else. Still plenty of eggs though and female black swallowtails seen in the yard (I'm assuming wanting to lay eggs).

The Stone Age Techie said...

The look on Sierra's face as she proudly holds her butterfly nursery is the same one on my son's face as he held one of our day-old chicks last month.
Coincidentally, Friday was the day that our hens were finally old enough to move out of our basement and into the newly-built (by my husband) coop in our backyard. Ain't spring grand?

Inner Elder said...

Third time's the charm. But you should know that. Love, Mom

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