Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #364

Home Spun comic strip #364

All the rain we've had lately made me reminisce about blackouts we've dealt with. In some ways, I like blackouts. They force us all to unplug and just enjoy being with each other. But they can be disruptive. I have a harder time getting my children to bed when there are no lights. Logically, it should be easier, but the idea that they have no control over the lights being turned off keeps them awake. I also have one child who is afraid to sleep in the dark. So we spend the night making shadow puppets, talking about everything, and perhaps play a few games of twenty questions. I also bought each of them a small lantern that runs on AA batteries. That helps. I should make sure I'm stocked up on batteries. You never know when the lights are going to go out!

I would love to know how others make use of their blackouts!


Anonymous said...

I'm not so big on thunderstorms, but a blackout is a fun challenge for me. We love our BBQ and we also love coffee. Coffee on the BBQ is always a feat. Our house heats up quickly, so we do our best to keep it closed up during the day. Trying to get a cross breeze at night isn't as much fun as coffee on the BBQ is. I'm not too fond of the kitchen, but give me a good blackout and I'm challenged to make a nice meal. What's up with that?! I find that we get outside more in our summer blackouts - sprinkler time, beach day. Winter blackouts are candles and boardgames. Winter is a bit more of a worry as our heat is electric. But these Hydro One people seem to be on the ball and we're never too long without, hot or cold.


Keeley said...

We looooove blackouts! And thunderstorms. I've been known to drag the children outside in a heavy downpour (not a lightning storm) and dance in the rain. =) Such fun.

I love massive thunder and lightning from the safety of our house. We snuggle up in bed and watch the rain cascade down. =)

My youngest one is frightened of thunderstorms, but the rest of the family's passion and excitement for them is bringing him around.

Flashlights, shadow puppets, and smores made by the fireplace are wonderful. Or snuggling in bed watching the rain, and counting the seconds between the rumble and the flash. Or reading a book by flashlight snuggled together under the quilt. Ahhh, good times, good times. =)

The Stone Age Techie said...

I just know that as soon as I write this, we'll be in for a serious blackout, but in all our nine years of parenting - in fact, in twelve years of marriage - we have never been in a blackout that lasted longer than an hour or two, and always in the middle of the day... I am wondering how the kids would react if there was one?
I have fond memories of blackouts from my childhood, though; my whole family would sleep in the living room, all snuggled up together. It was fun!
I am shuddering at the thought of trying to make coffee on the grill :-)

call*me*kate said...

Blackouts - well, in Dec. 2007, we were hit with a storm so fierce that nearly every house in our county received some sort of damage. We were without power for 4 days - needless to say, I do not like blackouts. We have had periodic blackouts of a few hours or so over the years and my kids almost immediately get out all the flashlights and begin tearing through the house, waving them about. I think they play light tag. Going to the bathroom by flashlight is a challenge that no one likes. We have a woodstove to heat the main part of the house which is wonderful to use to heat water or cook on. We made pizza on the woodstove once, during a blackout. I have a place in a corner cabinet in the kitchen that holds a bunch of candles, at the ready when needed. And my kitchen radio always has batteries - it's my lifeline, even when we have electricity!

I'm happy about your lovely butterflies - how wonderful! I thought the video game article was interesting, something for me to think about concerning my middle son with similar interests as the boy in the article. And your yard is beautiful! When I think of NY, it's a city-image I have. Of course, I know there's a lot of green areas in your state. So now when I think of you, it's your lovely yard I'll picture you in!

Have a terrific week!

P.S. Thanks for your helpful comments!

Janet said...

We enjoy "camping" in the living room when there's a blackout. The kids all bring their sleeping bags, the dogs, the cats, and Grandma into the living room by the fire place (in case the house gets cold and we need a fire for warmth - in July- on the desert- which is when most of our thunderstorms occur). We tell stories and play the piano and generally party, party, party until the lights come back on!

Inner Elder said...

I remember the blackout of 1965 when the entire East Coast went dark for many hours. You weren't born but your brother was a baby and I was alone with him. When I went into the hall to get to my neighbor's apartment it was so black I couldn't see and couldn't remember where the stairs were. So I went back inside and waited. I was very glad I was breastfeeding so at least the baby was well fed. Love, Mom

Lori said...

if it's early, we usually play scrabble or yahtzee - but we always end by reading aloud!

we bought a crank flashlight and a crank lantern this year - WAY better than rounding up candles. although we'll probably still use the candles for those long winter evenings with no power. :^)

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