Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #381

Home Spun comic strip #381

And this is why we no longer have a twenty gallon fish tank. When your kids are as sensitive as mine, there are only so many fish funerals you can have before it wears on you. Especially when it took several proper burials in the yard before I could convince them that fish don't mind "burials at sea." We gave the tank to Buelo, who has much better luck with fish, and the kids can visit it when we go to my parents' house!


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Awwww....yes...I so know your pain. My Remy the naturalist has to have little things to care for, but the losing them is hard. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! One of mine is super sensitive and we barely made it through our goldfish fiasco with intact psyches!

Keeley said...


This is why, when we bought fish just recently, we bought a school of neon tetras for the 4-year old. (Which he promptly named "Paper and scissors"). When one of them died it was just part of the huge group and we could scoop it out of there without Andrew noticing.

Hahahaha! Your "Give me strength" was brilliant. =D

Vicki said...

Good morning!

I just shared today's comic strip with James and he wanted to share with you about a little boy named George and a little Peking duck named Dot.

Dot was Caylee's favorite! So one day, Dad decided that it would be a good day to lead the ducklings to the pond and had told the small little boy named George, that by doing this, the ducklings would grow up and be his friends and follow him around.

Unfortunately, the small boy lost his footing and accidentally stepped on Dot....

~~All the other baby ducklings grew up to be happy ducks with families.~~

James is asking me to add that Dot was so named because a little girl named Caylee took a sharpie and put a black dot on the duckling's head so she could tell it from the bunch.

A flock of Peking ducklings all look alike.

jugglingpaynes said...

Oh no! Poor Dot. See, my kids would have cried for a week if that happened to them.

Joi said...

My children want a pet. The only thing that I am willing to commit to is a fish tank. They can only get goldfish to start off with. They were disappointed, but I explained that before they could get the saltwater(ie$$) fish they had to be able to keep the goldfish alive. :)

Now who do you think will be feeding these fish really?

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