Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #415

Home Spun comic strip #415

Homeschooling parents. We're a talkative lot. Put us together in one place and we can chatter on. I think this is because we spend so much time with kids we crave adult talk. Especially when those adults have an idea what we are going through and love homeschooling as much as we do. When you tell a homeschooler you are tired and burnt out, they never suggest putting the kids back in school.


Shannon said...

LOL! So true!!! Dh has been at school in the evenings this fall and wonders why I'm so talkative when he gets home late at night! I've missed having someone to talk to after the kids have gone to bed. I agree that it's nice to talk to fellow homeschoolers who understand when you are having a bad day/week and support you rather than immediately suggesting the solution to all problems is to send the kids to school. No thanks!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Ha!!! So true, so true. My friends and I have been asked to leave the room before. The teacher probably thinks, "these kids are great, it's the parents that are the problem!"

The Stone Age Techie said...

I have been in this exact situation, your comic sums it up perfectly!

And, I love your statement that we can talk to other homeschoolers without them suggesting that we put the kids in school! You put that so well.

Thanks for this post -

Vicki said...

I miss this part of homeschooling.

George doesn't at all. No for him, my switching to working the day shift came at the perfect time to bail him out of having to attend any homeschooling functions.

I'm hoping he can find a group of like minded people when he starts college cause we haven't had much luck in any other group for him.

Laura said...

HAHAH! Yes, so true! I love you hiccup comic, too! ;-)

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