Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post #1000: A Christmas Card for you

I just realized that this is my one thousandth post! I am amazed! And I feel so unprepared because I am full tilt into my Christmas preparations as well as the general middle-of-the-month busy-ness, so I don't even have a comic strip to post. Never fear! I did at least get the majority of my cards in the mail, so I will post the ecards here for my online friends. I will post one today and one on Friday, that way if I still don't get my act together, I have something to put up.

Of course, crazy artist that I am, I hand colored the cards I sent out. Marina helps me with that, which is nice. I used to send out over one hundred cards, but now the list has whittled down to around fifty. I want to thank the computer and the internet for making my card sending a little easier. I scan my designs onto the computer to do finishing touches and to print. This year I also let the computer do my lettering, which saves a lot of time and frustration, especially since my pen usually decides to drip an ink blob at the final word. My husband also saves me time by printing out address labels for me. I haven't enough patience to learn this label-printing skill, and it helps him feel like he's part of the process.

Checking through the addresses this year was difficult. We suffered several losses over the past year. I find myself hesitating over the delete button. It's hard to watch another name disappear from my address book. It feels like I'm deleting a part of myself. Maybe it's just me.

cat in a tree card

Feel free to use this card. I will make it public on my Flickr account, where the original version is somewhat bigger.

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flmom said...

This is too cute! Our cat, as you know, is an outside baby (his choice and how he came into our lives). We've had trouble for a few weeks with a couple of cats (strays?) showing up and eating all his food. My oldest has taken to bringing him onto our enclosed back porch to eat several times a day. They have to pass by the Christmas tree on their way through the house and many times he has tried to break free from C's arms to leap into the tree. LOL

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