Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have not been getting enough sleep lately. It's entirely my fault. I've become addicted to watching Molly the Barn Owl thanks to a post at Malia Li'i Kula. Last night we were waiting up for Molly's mate, McGee, until way past our bedtime. McGee tends to come in between 10:30 and 11 PM EST, but last night he didn't show until well past midnight. They are wild owls, and because I've read the book Wesley the Owl, I know there are so many dangers that face owls. My mind starts imagining the worst. It's my mom in me. (Sorry Mom, but you know it's true.)

Watching Molly has been a fascinating experience. We were lucky enough to witness the hatching of her first owlet, named Max. Right after his hatching there was a problem at UStream that took the webcam down for hours, so we were happy we had the opportunity to see the event. We are now on egg watch for the next owlet.

This has been a wonderful experience in animal behavior for the kids and me. I knew many things about barn owls from my reading, but to be given the opportunity to observe the life of these owls in one of their most private settings has really been educational. I never knew that owls kept a pantry for food their mate brings in. Or that the owl "bonds" with her mate every night. Or that the first small hole that appears on an egg is call a pipping. And it has been a thrill watching Molly care for her new baby. It has really made me long to attract some of our own local owls with a box. They could probably use a home this year after all the trees that fell in our area from the windstorm. I wonder if I could set up a webcam....


Laura said...

Ooh, thanks for posting about the owl. Sounds really cool.
I finished 'Harpo Speaks" - oh, I very much loved it. And, want to hear something funny? I have never seen a Marx brothers movie. But, I kind of read it almost as if it were a novel - because, his life included so many funny and bizarre happenings, at times I wondered what was real (though, everything most likely was!). What a journey he had. I think my fav parts were in his early childhood, esp. the 'rent kicker' thing. Thanks again for the review.
I sure learn a lot through biographies and autobiographies!
Blessings - Laura

flmom said...

I'm glad you shared this on FB. We've had a wonderful time watching.

I don't plan on losing touch with you! I'll still be visiting you here and I'm staying on FB. I'm on Twitter now and then as well.

Inner Elder said...

Hi Tina! Wish Molly or McGee were in my house yesterday. A mouse was crawling up the curtain and Scribbles did nothing! Luckily Dad was able to shake it out the door. BTW Dad is also hooked on the Owl webcam. Love, Mom

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