Sunday, August 22, 2010

Education Happens

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving notes over at my daughter's blog. She really enjoys hearing from all of you! Having her blogging has really been an experience. I have been trying, as other veteran unschoolers have repeatedly told me, to try to say yes more, to indulge my children's interests. It's taken quite a lot of self control and deep breathing on my part. When Sierra wouldn't let me have the camera at a zoo trip a few months back, I indulged her. When she got frustrated with not being able to get a clear shot, I showed her how to use different settings. I admire her patience with photography. She reminds me of my sister, carefully taking her picture even if it means standing there for ten minutes to get the best possible shot. Then someone gave her the idea of starting a blog. She pestered me for two weeks until I sat with her and walked her through setting up Pictureka! I also showed her how to post her photos. I honestly didn't think she would write anything, but she surprised me by writing descriptions and occasional thoughts to post along with her photos. I don't help her with the writing except when she asks for spelling. It's all her own work. I'm just there to check any comments before I publish them.

Her latest blog entry was a new surprise. Sierra had recently told me she didn't like math, so I bought Math Doesn't Suck at a book signing and had the author sign it for Sierra. (She also signed a copy of Hot X: Algebra Exposed for Marina.) I showed Sierra that it was signed for her, but made no attempt to have her read it. I figured I could look through it and see if there were any good tips I could use. Sierra immediately read through two chapters of the book. Something stuck, because if you'll notice in her recent post, she's done an exercise in finding common factors. The book suggested taking attributes you wanted in a boyfriend in the past and comparing them to attributes you want now. Anything on both lists are common factors. She has no interest in boyfriends, so I suggested she compare what she likes about favorite toys, past and present. If you read her post, you will see the she's found common factors comparing her cat to a black panther.

She never stops surprising me!


Anonymous said...

How about that! You've got a self starter, totally independent and reliable taurean Sierra.
She's quite emotional and quite reluctant to show her emotions. Showing results far surpasses her desire to talk about the process of getting them. That's why I love her so much. If she allows you to, give her a big hug for me.
Love, Dad

Inner Elder said...

I continue to be amazed at Sierra's blog. And her writing is witty and grammatically correct. What a great way to demonstrate what she is learning. Congrats! Love, Mom

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