Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Spun comic strip #517

Home Spun comic strip #517

My mom suggested I save my extra letter ideas, just in case I want to do this again. I thought about this, but since I don't know what the artwork would look like until inspiration hits me, I figure this is as good a place as any to keep notes. Todays extra words:

~Models, M&M's, Mud, Markers, Music, Mentors
~Notes, Nonsense
~Parks, Playground, People, Picnics, Paths, Puns, Pillbugs

Add your own in the comments! Who knows? Maybe I'll use some in a future strip!


Kelly said...

I really love your comic strips. I've awarded you two awards. You can go to this post to see them.

flmom said...

For "O" I thought of Opportunities. There are so many things that we can take advantage of not being in a regular "schoolroom." If we are studying bees, we can walk outside and observe them busy at work around our blackberries or the aster that grows wild on our fence. If we are studying pines, we can walk outside and observe the pollen cones, pine needles, and pinecones that are all over our yard. And so on...... My oldest was telling one of his favorite cashiers a few years ago at our former chain natural foods market about studying runners (grass) simply by walking out our front door. This "kid" (a high schooler) told C he thought that was really cool, and he never did anything like that at school.

Homeschool Madness said...

O for Oobleck!

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! Oobleck is a good one! And I can't believe I forgot opportunities! Thanks for that. I need to remember it!

Karen said...

What a wonderful idea... can I post your alphabet series at the Relaxed Learning Cafe?

You are so creative, thank you for sharing your art with us.

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