Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking into the Empty Nest

I like going to our orthodontist, Dr. Storm. Not only because he gave Marina back her smile after one of her teeth grew out at an angle. Not simply because he's incredibly patient. Last Thursday it was really, really nice of him to wait until Sierra was good and ready to open her mouth so he could count her teeth. Waiting for her to open her mouth involved a long pep talk by me, Marina, Dr. Storm and his wife, Kendell. I lost my patience. I decided to give up and reschedule the appointment, left the office, and then waited outside while Sierra refused to get into the car. Marina finally took her back inside where Sierra was more cooperative and Dr. Storm was nice enough to look at her teeth. It was a long morning. But I digress.

The reason I like going to Dr. Storm's office is because his wife works in his office, which is how we reconnected when Marina needed braces. He has a wonderful family! I first met them years ago, when Marina was four or five. They were one of the first homeschoolers I knew. Kendell homeschooled her older son until he went to college. Her younger son went back to school (I forget at what age). He recently graduated and started college. She's always tried to keep up with the homeschooling community. She's very supportive of homeschooling. She is also another crafty person who makes beautiful quilts. She recently posted a lovely piece she did for a conceptual art challenge. I asked permission to post it here. I think it is wonderful inspiration for those of us who are still in the middle of our homeschooling/parenting journey. Thank you, Kendell, for letting me share this!


Anonymous said...

When the heart is full,
there's no emptiness
nor emptinest.
Lovely story and exquisite art.

Inner Elder said...

Thank you for sharing your friend's beautiful thoughts. Love, Mom

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